Saturday, July 18, 2009


over hurrrrrrr


don't come here anymore fools.

new look
better look
and i have motivation again.


Monday, June 22, 2009

love game

my new favorite song.

okay so. blogging has been the shits lately.
update: i'm done school. almost. i have an exam on wednesday. then i'm done.
i'm working like crazy.
when i'm not working, i'm not at home.
when i'm at home, i'm sleeping or eating.

i am also in the middle of switching my blog over to wordpress.
yeah ... i know.
one reason though.
you can reply directly to comments and have your reply shown right underneath.
yeah i thought that was sweet.

okay so, for the time being, follow me on twitter.
the link is over there. --->

and let me know who you are. send me a direct message or some shiiz.
i'm already following a few of you.
and yeah.

sorry for all the crap.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

what i hate the most about cashier-ing

when people come up to pay for their stuff and they're on their cell phone. can you seriously not take the few minutes, tell the person to hang on, and at least acknowledge me and answer my questions?

"hello, how are you today?"


"did anyone help you out today?"

*shake head* (because they don't want to interrupt their conversation and actually tell me)

i ring their stuff through.

"your total comes to $$.$$"

*hands me card while still gabbering and laughing away on their phone*

"reciept with you or in the bag?"

*points to bag*

"have a nice night"


i swear to god nothing pisses me off more than this.


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

the worst morning ever

how smart is kayla?

not very smart. actually, that is a lie. i'm pretty smart i guess. i just make mistakes like all humans tend to do. human error. it happens a lot. i watched oprah yesterday and they had medical human errors on and featured a girl who was told she had breast cancer when in fact she didn't at all. things like that. people make mistakes.

i had spare first class this morning, meaning no class. meaning i could sleep in. which i did. then my friend, brooke, texted me asking for a ride and that if i wanted we could go to tim horton's and she'd pay for a coffee or something. she ended up paying for a french vanilla and a sandwich for lunch, so i was all smiles. until we walk back out to my car..

i locked my keys in the car.

including my house key, her backpack, and all my school stuff.

f. m. l.

at least our school is only a five minute walk from that particular tim's. we walk back to school, all the while cursing and talking to myself out loud about what a retard i am. we were definitely late for second class; i had science. oh well that wasn't even the worst part.

i walk into science with my french vanilla and purse and i'm all sweaty and breathing heavily cause that five minute walk was probably the most i've walked in a while. everyone just kinda stares at me as i walk in, and i rush to charndog (my teacher; charndog is not his real last name) and quickly tell him about my incident and that i am going to the office to get excused so i can figure out what the heck i need to do. a few kids in my class mutter, "that sucks" and charndog giggles a bit and says "good luck with that." (i was told by one of my classmates later on in the day that my face was beating red from embarrassment, yeah i can imagine that.)

this is the shitty part. i walk to the office, and explain the situation quickly to the lady that sits there calling parents of kids who haven't shown up to school, and whatever else. i call my stepmom, who basically laughs her ass off at me, and then i pass the phone to the lady so my stepmom can excuse me for an hour or so. and then the lady starts laughing. great. oh well, at least i don't feel so bad for missing school now.

so basically what i had to do was walk across the highway to the west part of my city to get to my younger brother's school. that was a fifteen or twenty minute walk on it's own. i haven't walked that much in a long time. it actually felt nice, and it was good to get some fresh air and sun instead of being in science class reviewing for the diploma. i just kept running all those "i'm stupid" thoughts through my head. there my car was sitting in the tim horton's parking lot, with my keys and my new to live is to die book sitting in open view. although nobody would steal my car; it's old and worn out. but still i was freaking out. i get to his school, and the office calls him down, and he's kinda all "wtf" towards me. i'm like "i need your house key, mine is in my car which is at tim's because i locked them in there by accident." yup, he laughed at me too. no surprise there.

then i make the trip back home, another fifteen minutes or so. by this time, my heels are starting to blister up from the flats i'm wearing. proof that my feet aren't used to walking that much; i've been driving everywhere since i got my license. i guess one good thing happened out of that walk though, besides the fresh air, and the perspiration. i passed by the elementary school that's right by my house and a bunch of second graders were outside playing on the playground. it just made me think about those times and miss them and it's absolutely crazy that i have three days of high school left.

i made it home. the key worked. i quickly switched into some flip flops and took a piss cause i hate my school's bathrooms. mostly cause the girls in the younger grades are immature as fuck and it annoys the shit out of me. i then grabbed my car's spare keys (yay) and then began the walk back to tim's. about another twenty minute walk. i had now missed all of science class and was missing the first bit of one of my computer options, the better of the two that i'm taking. fortunately, i get to the parking lot, and my car still sits. with everything in it. my heart skipped a beat. i think i hugged my steering wheel when i got in the car. i was so relieved. and for a few seconds it felt weird to drive. maybe it was the flip flops. maybe it was the mass amount of heat in my car. but it felt strange. maybe because i used to walk everywhere, and i mean everywhere, before i started driving. those walks i used to walk all the time.

i got to school, was able to get a late slip, the lady in the office greeted me. i walked up to the class brooke was in so i could give her her backpack. walked to my class. i started to explain to mr. bp about why i was late. he stopped me from speaking and dead seriously asked, "first, explain to me what's up with that shirt you're wearing." i love the slack teachers give twelfth graders, honestly. it's the best.

anyways, to catch up on the last week and a day: i'm a huge-part time workaholic now. honestly. i've been at work so much after school and i don't get home till 10:30, and i've actually been going to bed before midnight. and this past saturday i did inventory (which is a huge load of shit when your store has close to 40,000 items) and i was there from 4:30 in the afternoon till 1:30 on sunday morning). and i don't really have any motivation lately. blogger's block maybe? oh well this was a good way to fix that. have something brutal happen to you. and then it gives you something to share with the world that will hopefully be interesting.

oh and i've been told this situation won't happen just once either. great. any similar stories happen to you?

love, kayla

Monday, June 8, 2009

gertrude stein

it is funny that the two things men are most proud of is the thing that any man can do and does in the same way - that is being drunk and being the father of their son.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

my favorite things

i think youtube hates me.
the sound is off again.
i didn't mean for it to be 10 minutes.
i swear.
i just talk a lot.
enjoy. (:

Monday, June 1, 2009

gwen stefani

there's always paparazzi outside my house. if you had paparazzi outside your house, you'd make sure you looked good too.

just smile

my love, all gulped up

{starbucks venti passion tea lemonade}

i never make my bed. there's just something so wonderful about messy quilts. don't you love mine? they're so old and have funky old grandma patterns. they completely don't even go with my room, but i would never give them away. i love them too much.

i was reorganizing my closet. i took some hangers from work so i'm using those instead of these. but i thought these made the coolest pattern strewn all over my floor. even right now, they still are all there. i have a huge urge to just, hang them on my walls.

the clouds looked so pretty today

my neighbourhood through my bedroom window.


fun fact: i love that brown spot on my cheek.

this is how happy you make me.
i hope your day was lovely.
{video coming soon}

Sunday, May 31, 2009

mtv movie awards

sorry for not posting this weekend. i have been a little bit busy. i think i have realized that i won't be able to post everyday, unfortunately.

so, the mtv movie awards is kind of the big hype right now i guess? i watched a little bit of it upstairs. luckily i caught a glimpse of cam gigandet who is mighty damn fine as usual, and i actually had no idea he was in the twilight movie (i still haven't seen it, and it may be on my to-do list now just because of cam). so i gawked for a while. the only reason i think he is so sweet is because i am an oc diehard fanatic. i have all the seasons, and just love everything about that show. cam played kevin volchok who took the cake from ryan in terms of sexiness, imo. but i will always go back to him as the guy who basically killed marissa. (sorry to those who have never watched anything past the end of the 3rd season, i just ruined it all)

anyways, now that i know he is in twilight, why do all the girls go for edward? yes he is kind of attractive in the weirdest way, but cam is just plain drop dead gorgeous. maybe it's the long hair that ruins it. but let's rewind back to the time when he played kevin in the oc. yes?

and now a long haired james

anyways, him and robert pattison won the award for best fight tonight. that was when i was being all 'omg, he's so dreamy.' and my brother was like 'isn't that the guy from the oc?' haha. he knew better than me.

he's making a strange expression. but he's still cute.

okay so this is going to be my first c&c of my blog. comment and criticize. bash and love. whatever.

megan fox, oh you are a hot babe. but your hair looks really disgusting tonight. this rest is good. i want your tan and legs. and your shoes.

and your eyebrows except in blonde

{megan fox}

i'm not a fan of this dress, vaness! i think you could've done better. your necklaces are pretty though. (:

i want your waves, and your tan

{vanessa hudgens}

her face cracks me up. and the dress looks too weird.

{miley cyrus}

everything about this look is perfect. her makeup, the outfit, her smile, her pose. a++ in my books hayden.

{hayden panettiere}

so paris is actually looking decent. her man's expression is really awesome though. like "look how tough i am, i can keep a 90 pound woman from falling over" or something. i like her clutch, shoes, and hair. and i like his whole outfit. and his face.

{paris hilton & doug reinhardt}

i don't even know who lauren conrad is. but, ew.

{lauren conrad}

i'm lovin' the plaid. lovin' the smiles. lovin' the sunglasses.

{tyrese gibson & soulja boy}

no! go back to blonde!

wow, you look hot. wow, i can't take my eyes off you. wow, those shoes are gorg. wow, that dress is flattering. wow, you're ashley tisdale. /puke. {although she doesn't look like herself at all! mad props.}

{ashley tisdale}

my favorite so far. a++++++


awhhhhh yeah. best lookin' four. the hair, the seriousness. the man on the right is sexy. the outfits, the style, the stripes, the shades. you boys are stunning.

{kings of leon}

holy ..... hot. this is the sexiest business-looking outfit i've ever seen. i want it. i want all of it. ow, ow. she pulls that off so very well. i love how white outfits make you look so tan. but she's still tan either way. just saying.

{malin akerman}

i love this eye makeup on her. that is one hella good smokey eye. and i love the nude lips and the complexion. love love love. the only thing wrong with this is her roots. i know they're not that bad, but they stand out. fix them.

{stephanie pratt}

"hun, that bright yellow clutch looks disastrous with your outfit." "but i want to stand out." "then pick a different dress. at least make it work together." "black, white, yellow! what more do i need?" "you look retarded."

{ashley greene}

yes steve-o, that's exactly what you want to do. wear your everyday clothes to a big huge awards show. jackass. (haha)


oh man. her necklace is the first thing i noticed, and the only thing i'm loving. that's prime material, right there.

{caridee english}

she's cute!

{shawn johnson}

overall, i think it's like any other awards show. well, any other teenage awards show, basically. the country music awards, and oscars are a little bit different. you have to dress a little bit nicer.

what do you guys think? love, hate, agree? leave your opinion, especially if you watched it like i should've.

love, kayla.

Friday, May 29, 2009

martina mcbride

a big part of who i am is just the way i was raised. nobody is better than anyone else, and if you really work hard, you might get lucky and get what you want.